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Our company offers professional search engine optimisation and Internet marketing services to help you rank higher in the search engines and drive major traffic to your website.

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Internet Marketing Services Costs

Your cost will depend on what you are seeking and the amount of resources that will be required to try to achieve what you are seeking.

Explanation of Internet Advertising Costs
Starting price is usually around $300 (240 €) per month for a "slightly competitive" market. The number of phrases and the "competitiveness" of the keyword phrases you wish to target will dictate the resources we will ask of you on a monthly basis. After speaking with us, you will have an idea of how competitive your market is, and you will have an idea of what needs to be done. You will also have an idea of why our services are unique to our industry, and how by working with us, you will have a better chance of reaching or exceeding your goals.

Your payment must be thought of as an Investment - that's exactly what it is. You're giving us time and resources to do what needs to be done for optimal rankings. Our prices are real, and so are our services. We've been in business since March 2002, and since then we've ranked more than a few sites #1 for extremely competitive phrases. This is what we are best at, and what we love doing.

If you're serious about the ranking you want, and and the amount of resources you will invest in working to obtain that, then start by contacting us. We'll help to evaluate the following items with you:

  • What are the best keywords phrases to target and why
  • Why those in the top spots are there now
  • Who your competition is
  • What it will take to beat your competition
Once you have spoken with us it may be suggested that an aggressive Internet Marketing Campaign be performed. Costs usually range around $300 (240 €) to $1000 (800 €) per month.
Feel free to contact us.

 Internet Marketing
 Client Testimonials

Our client list is confidential. Many clients are in highly competitive markets, and don't want their competitors knowing who's working with them. We also don't want any competitors analyzing everything that we're doing on the sites we work with.

"Thank you for the rankings update and yes, I can't begin to thank you enough. We have more business than we can handle." - S.E.

"The two best business decisions I ever made were signing with you and staying with you! The phone is ringing off the hook!" - R.J.

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