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Web Site Template #00169 Features

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You may create a website based on this web template (hosting is ad-free and domain name registration is free as well) - just click on 'Build a Website' button.


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Choose your web page template from the catalog above. You will be able to download a ZIP-file with all the HTML and pictures needed. The price is a one-time fee, there are no other fees after that.

You may create a website based on shoosen website template (hosting is ad-free and domain name registration is free) - just click on 'Build a Website' button.

The website templates we offer can be sold to different customers for two different prices:

Price: The normal price means that other people can buy this website design template after you.

Exclusive Price: We guarantee that after buying a web design for the exclusive price, the design template will be forever removed from sales and become unavailable for other customers. The only owners of this website templete will be you and people who bought it for a normal price before you.

 Design #00169

The package includes:

Design source (PSD) in Adobe Photoshop 7 format


HTML template* of a startup website page


HTML template* of a second level website page


"Sliced" image files (JPEGs and GIFs)


CSS-style in a separate file

*The HTML templates can be similar for templates with one page design only

 Price: $39.95  Add to cart
 Exclusive: $479.95  Add to cart
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