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Our company offers professional search engine optimisation and Internet marketing services to help you rank higher in the search engines and drive major traffic to your website.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

There are two factors in any Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Serve the Site Visitors what they want and Serve the Search Engines what they want.

What is Natural Search Engine Optimization?

The sites that rank high in the major search engines (like Google, AltaVista, AskJeeves, Yahoo!, etc) are the ones getting traffic, and often sales. Many of those sites have been "Optimized" by companies like eSitesBuilder. They didn't pay to get there... they weren't choosen to be there by any human... Those results are there simply by a combination of several mathmatical formulas. Below, we show the "Natural" results, (as opposed to Paid Results).

Those Formulas for Natural listing results can be broken down into 2 types of factors.
  1. On-Page Factors
  2. Off-Page Factors (For Off-Page Factors see our Internet Advertising page.)
On-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors

Search Engines have computers and programs called "Spiders" that collect information about your web pages in an attempt to "figure out" what your pages are about. These spiders gather information from your pages and use these in factoring which sites get ranked higher than others.

Search Engines analyze over 100 On-Page Factors when analyzing your web pages.

Some of the major On-Page Search Engine Optimization Factors are:

  • Keyword Density
  • Words in Title Tag
  • Words in the Page
  • Words in Links
  • Words in Headings
  • Words in Bold
  • Beginning Words
  • Words in URL
  • Meta Tags (some engines)
  • HTML Validation
  • Directory Listings
  • Link Structure
  • "Indexability" of the page
  • and Hundreds of Other Factors
Best Mathmatical forumla from On-Page and Off-Page Factors Wins

The Search Engine will show those sites with the "best mathematical formulas"at the top listings. When we optimize web pages, we're trying to feed the engine the things that we feel will help your formula for specific phrases that we're targeting.

Mixing On-Page Optimization with Off-PageOptimization

Beyond the items listed above, the engines may also look several off-page factors such as directory listings, who links to you, and what "linking neighborhoods" your site links in and out of. Web page optimization, in combination with a complete Internet Advertising campaign can often get your site ranked extremely high for your targeted words.


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Our client list is confidential. Many clients are in highly competitive markets, and don't want their competitors knowing who's working with them. We also don't want any competitors analyzing everything that we're doing on the sites we work with.

"Thank you for the rankings update and yes, I can't begin to thank you enough. We have more business than we can handle." - S.E.

"The two best business decisions I ever made were signing with you and staying with you! The phone is ringing off the hook!" - R.J.

"I don't know how you do it but keep doing it! This is TOO incredible!"- A.S.

"I am truly aware that my placement on the net has been your direct interest in promoting my business. And it is obvious that many so called web marketers are unable to duplicate your skills. This additional business has generated enough to...." - K.L.

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