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Online and Internet Advertising

To quote Google from this page, "... the best way to improve your position in results is to have relevant content and multiple links from other web sites"

Online Advertising involves Search Engines and Links
Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, rely on links very heavily in formulating who ranks at the top of search results. The type of links that they rely on the most are "Who Links To Your Site". The more sites that link To Your Site, the more "Votes" your site has in the eyes of the Search Engines, and thus, the better chances you have of ranking higher in those search engines.

Most of the top sites for competitive keyword phrases
have lots of other sites linking to their site.

How this works
Search Engines have programs called "Spiders" that surf the web going from link to link. Each time they come across a web page by following a link, information is collected to be used in it's ranking formula. Sites that link to you are analyzed for many factors. Below we've listed a few of those factors.

How powerful is the site linking to you?
A Powerful site is usually one that has Many sites linking to Them.

  • If a page on another site is linking to you, and that site has 5 people linking to them, then you get a "small vote".
  • If another site is linking to you, and that site has 1000 other sites linking to them, then you would get a much more powerful "Vote" because their site is very powerful.

The words that link to your site.
Good Online Advertising Agencies try to get sites to use relevant keywords in links linking to your site.

  • If a page is linking to you with the words "XYZ Company" than the Search Engines would assume your site is about "XYZ Company".
  • If a page is linking to your site with the words "Good Widgets" then the Search Engine would assume your sites is about "Good Widgets", and the site would have a better chance of ranking higher for "Good Widgets" if someone searched for that.

Internet Advertising for Search Engines also involves relations between the site linking to you.
Good online advertising tactics involve trying to get sites that are related to your site to link to you.

  • If you sell "Garden Widgets" and a site about "Online Gambling" links to you, you're not scoring much on the Relevance Charts.
  • If you sell "Garden Widgets", and a site about about "Garden Things" links to you, you're scoring a lot of "Relevance", and may rank higher in the search engines for that phrase.

Who do YOU link TO, and what are those sites about? More Online Advertising Tips.
This is an often overlooked aspect, but one that can give an edge in any Online Internet Advertising Campaign. Don't be afraid to link to other online related resources. Sites that don't link out are thought of as "Dead End Sites", and tend not to rank as high as sites that link out to good industry resources. Having a "Dead End Site" or not linking out to related sites may not help your online advertising any, but linking out to related sites can help your site to be viewed of as in a good "Linking Neighborhood" and can help your internet advertising for search engines greatly.

Having internet advertising on related sites is one of the best and safest ways of helping your site to achieve top rankings. On the other side, working with link farms, bad link trading campaigns, or blatant mega advertising on totally non relevant sites for the sole purpose of increasing your Google PageRank is a great way to get your site "in trouble" or worse yet, get "banned" for trying to manipulate search results.

Internet Advertising is a Full-Time Job
Though we listed many major factors as to how search engines rank web sites, there are many, many, more factors. Search Engines also have a habit of changing thier formula every now and then, so techniques for top rankings must constantly evolve. Internet Marketing and Online Advertising are extremely time-consuming, and ever changing. If you can't perform this task full-time, we recommend hiring an Online Advertising Agency or Internet Marketing Company whom specializes in this type of work.

We Specialize in this type of work
Our Internet Advertising and Online Advertising centers around getting Powerful, and Relevant links for our clients. Once we've done a websites' optimization, then getting related links to a site is 95% of the Internet Advertising work. The work for obtaining links is never done. If we stop getting links to a site, the links get stale, and your competitors may pass you.

What our Online Advertising and Marketing for Search Engines Involve

  • We research your online industry.
  • We will perform On-Page Search Engine Optimization.
  • We can create relevant content resource pages for your industry. From 1 to several hundred pages on your site.
  • We submit your site to major Directories.
  • We seek out, and contact other sites in related fields (but not direct competitors) for links.
  • We work with many sites ourselves, and will link where appropriate to other related sites.
  • We also work with several other webmasters whom are willing to give and get relevant advertising. (If you're a webmaster or you practice SEO on sites, send us your URL's, we can help you find relevant links - let's help each other).
  • We will be asking you to update the site with good new content on a continual basis (as much as you can, as often as you can - plus, Search Engines Love new pages). Here is where you can help us, and you, the most. Content is King - Keep it coming. Sites that become a resource are easier to get links to. Become a Resource as well. We'll help you.


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Our client list is confidential. Many clients are in highly competitive markets, and don't want their competitors knowing who's working with them. We also don't want any competitors analyzing everything that we're doing on the sites we work with.

"Thank you for the rankings update and yes, I can't begin to thank you enough. We have more business than we can handle." - S.E.

"The two best business decisions I ever made were signing with you and staying with you! The phone is ringing off the hook!" - R.J.

"I don't know how you do it but keep doing it! This is TOO incredible!"- A.S.

"I am truly aware that my placement on the net has been your direct interest in promoting my business. And it is obvious that many so called web marketers are unable to duplicate your skills. This additional business has generated enough to...." - K.L.

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