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With our website building solution you can build a family website, create a kids website (a child website) in a minutes. The complete solution offers ad-free web hosting, free domain name registration, web site templates, and CMS.

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The Family / Kids Website Features

Make a Kids Website

Product Family / Kids Website includes: web design template, ad-free web hosting, free domain name registration, and free support!

Family / Kids Website contains all the features a modern family or kids website must have! Moreover, anyone who can surf the web can create an awesome family website or kids website on You’ll just fill in forms and click on buttons. No special skills needed!

All you need to do is to select a design and pay for using the Family / Kids Website for the necessary period of time and -you're online!

Click on one of the titles below to get more information about specified Family / Kids Website Feature.

Multilanguage Support

Your website can be in several languages. You may add as many languages as you need. All website navigation and website messages will be displayed in language of the site visitor. This means that website builder system automatically detects visitor’s language and displays web page in this language (if the language is supported of course). You may add new languages and edit or delete the existing ones.

Besides multilanguage feature allows you to create several language versions of your website with different content and number of pages.

Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimized internal links to inner elements and pages of the site allows any search engine index your website information quicker and faster;
  • Optimized meta-tags: website pages contain keywords corresponding to your website content allowing your site to be easily found in the Internet search engines;
  • Website’s description meta-tags: search results will display your website's description as a well-composed and understandable sentence instead of the separate and incoherent words.

Your Family / Kids Website is search engine ready and prepared for any kind of search engine optimization: you may edit title, description, search words, and other meta-information for each page of your website!

These features along with a well-planned Internet advertising campaign will help your site to be always on top of the rating systems and major search engines.

3 Menu Types Support
  • Main Menu may contain a pop-up secondary menu or auxiliary links menu;
  • Footer Menu contains auxiliary menu items; may duplicate items of the main website menu;
  • Links Menu is an auxiliary menu, usually located at the top of the website page.

All menus are generated automatically, you don’t need to program them or create any additional scripts. Please note that availability of each menu type depends on your current website design.

Eleven Page Types Support
  • Family Tree: Build your Family Tree page online. Invite friends and family to view or update your website. Just add names of your relatives and eSitesBuilder will instantly create your family tree web page.
  • Articles:Create your own articles or copy text from your friends’ websites. Articles can be created in few different categories. It may be an interesting publication, description of your family events, etc. RSS feed is supported. You create an article and it is posted to RSS automatically!
  • Documents: On this page you can save images, multimedia files, archives and any other files you'd like to make available for visitors of your Family website
  • Image Gallery: Share your photos with visitors of your site. You can place any number of images on any possible subject from photos of latest family event to photos of family members and relatives. The amount of galleries and photos is unlimited!
  • Guestbook: Visitors of your family website can use this page to express their opinions about your website, post comments and suggestions
  • News: Very useful page allowing visitors of your website stay informed on the latest events concerning your family, website updates, etc. RSS feed is supported, so you post news and it is added to RSS automatically!
  • Forum is a great way to interact with visitors of your site and give them opportunity to communicate with each other. Moreover, forum page is a good tool to keep your website content always fresh.
  • Link Directory: Build your categorized link directory with useful links to other resources. This page may be used in describing your family activities or to store any other categorized information with links to online family, kids and various other resources.
  • Sitemap is a useful page helping your visitors to navigate website and quickly find the page they need. This page is also very important for major search engines, helping them to index your website faster. This page is generated automatically by our website builder system.
  • Startup Page is the main page of your website and its face. This page is loaded every time your website is visited.
  • General Page: You can create as many general pages as you want. This page type may contain any text and pictures and may have any internal layout you wish to create for it.

You can make password protected pages. Only registered visitors of your Family website will have access to them.

Never before web page creation and website management was so easy and simple. You fill your site pages with content and website builder system posts it to your site automatically. That doesn't require any special HTML or web design knowledge from your side.

Ten Built-In Forms

You may use our Form Generator to create and manage any additional forms for your site or insert any of the following built-in automatic forms:

  • Feedback Form: lets the visitors of your site send you an e-mails directly from the website page;
  • Polls: a nice way to ask your visitors questions and give them opportunity to express their opinions;
  • News Subscription: using this form any visitor may leave his e-mail address to subscribe for the news from your website;
  • Website Search: powerful and quick built-in search system that gives your visitors possibility to find information on your site in fast and convenient way;
  • Tell a Friend: good marketing tool allowing your visitors sending an email to their friends or colleagues containing a link to your site’s page;
  • Add to Favorites: works only in MS Internet Explorer. Visitors can use this form to add your site link to their favorites;
  • Send E-mail: visitor can create an email with only one click and send message to the email address specified in website settings;
  • Printer-Friendly Version: all pages of your website have printer-friendly version generated automatically;
  • Sign the Guestbook: using this form your visitors can leave a message in your website's guestbook.

All forms have input data validation code, thus protecting you from mistakes and illegal entries from violators.

Easy Website Column & Row Management

A powerful tool allowing you to "liven up" each page of your site placing any of the following items in its column or row:

  • General: you can put in it any text and/or image. You can also specify a website page this element links to;
  • Poll: you can control this option and specify on which page this form should be displayed;
  • News Subscription: add this form to pages you think are better to have a notification of subscription possibility;
  • Link to Feedback Form: place a link to this form on pages, browsing which will make the visitors wish to share their opinions with you;
  • Image Gallery: it's always pleasant to place your own, your friend’s or your family photos on the website;
  • Tip of the Day: this item can help visitor gain more understanding of the website's content, navigation or something else (e.g. you may use this feature to publish a random image, funny story or joke);
  • Article Quotation: if you have one or more good articles on your site you can attract your visitor's attention to them publishing article's title and little quote on some of the pages;
  • News: visitor of your website will stay informed of the latest events of your site or things you prefer to inform them about;
  • Banner: this may be a banner from the banner-network your website is part of (e.g. Google AdSense) or a banner-link to one of the pages of your site;
  • Guestbook Entry: it's nice if visitor of your website while reading page content reads a flattering comment about you or your website.

Using this tool you can make each page of your website unique and attract maximum visitors to particular sections or pages of your site.

Special Website Features
  • Tips of the Day: you can help your visitors pointing them to the specified page of your site or showing them useful information about you or your website;
  • Banners: your website may participate in a banner-network or you can place your own banners on your website. You will be able to know the number of impressions and clicks on each banner. It may contain a text-link, an image or rich-media file (e.g. flash file)
  • Icon Menu: this is an auxiliary menu automatically generated by website builder system. It has following links:
    • EMail: opens visitor's email client and allows visitor to send an e-mail;
    • Tell a Friend: opens a dialog window allowing your website visitor to send an e-mail to a friend containing a link to the current website page;
    • Add to Favorites: allows your website visitor to add current page to Favorites (works only in MS Internet Explorer);
    • Printer Friendly Version: any page can be displayed in a printer-friendly way and be printed out;
    • Home: link to the main page of your Family Website.
Automatic Page Navigation
  • Your Family / Kids Website will always "know" when and where a link to the next page should be created and how many items should be on the current page
  • Automatically generated Navigational Panel* will inform your visitors on the order of the pages they have visited and allow them to switch directly to any of them

For all types of the items supported by our website builder system you may specify how many of them should be displayed on page or website column.
*Note: The presence of this panel depends on your current website design.

Top-Quality Professional Website Design

You can choose a design of your future website from the collection of our stunning website templates or order a unique website design meeting your needs and preferences.

Built-In Content Management System

Powerful and easy-to-use online tool to build and manage your Family Website. This product was designed to provide maximum convenience in website management. Get more information about Content Manager here.

Free Domain Name Registration

Create a website for your kids or family and get free domain name registration with one of the following domain .net .org .eu .biz .info .us .ws or .name

Ad-Free Reliable Web Hosting for Your Website
  • Personalized domain name
  • Personalized email addresses
  • Helpful customer support
  • Reliable 24x7 server monitoring
Free User Support

You can always get a piece of advice from us by means of:
  • e-mail
  • eSitesBuilder community forum
  • ICQ, Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger
Visit Contact page for more information

Hundreds of other people have created professionally looking websites for thier children and families with the help of our website building software, so can you! Join hundreds of people using eSitesBuilder's solution to keep in touch with your family and friends.

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You might need to have at least an initial experience in working with Content Manager systems  
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